Peripheral Nerve Conditions

Peripheral nerve entrapment is one potential cause of arm and leg pain, weakness or numbness. After the nerves leave the spine to supply the arms and legs, sometimes they can become ‘trapped’ or compressed at various sites causing symptoms.

Neurosurgery Associates of West Texas offers operative treatment for a variety of these issues. A few examples include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – the median nerve is entrapped at the wrist, causing numbness and pain the thumb, and first two fingers
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – the ulnar nerve is entrapped at the elbow causing numbness and pain in the fourth the fifth fingers
Peroneal nerve entrapment – the peroneal nerve is entrapped in the calf area (fibular head) causing numbness, pain and weakness in the calf and foot

Each of these problems can be treated with an outpatient ‘day surgery’.

Although an uncommon occurrence, peripheral nerves can form tumors of different varieties and locations throughout the body. We are able to evaluate and treat these peripheral nerve tumors (schwannomas, nerve sheath tumors) as appropriate with surgical intervention.

Neurosurgery Associates of West Texas also assists in the management of certain chronic pain conditions with placement of pain control devices. In conjunction with a pain management specialist, we assist placing spinal cord stimulators (dorsal column stimulators) and intrathecal pain pumps.

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